A.D.P.C.A. – Who we are and what we do

The organisation A.D.P.C.A. (Asociación para la Defensa y la Prevención de la Crueldad contra los Animales) is a Spanish animal protection association that campaigns for the rights and welfare of animals. This also includes preventive measures against abuse. The association, based in Zaragoza in northern Spain, is a non-profit organisation.

Since its foundation in 1981, the association has pursued two goals: to prevent the abandonment of domestic animals and to sensitise the population to respect and protect all living creatures.

The association is financed by voluntary contributions and donations from members, friends and supporters. We owe our success above all to the selfless commitment of our helpers who look after the animals every day. All helpers work on a voluntary basis.


The main activities of the association:

ADPCA runs a shelter for abandoned and abused dogs, which permanently houses an average of 100 animals. There they can recover from their physical and psychological suffering and are placed inside or outside Spain. A protection contract with the new owners guarantees the dogs' welfare.

The association works together with the municipal animal welfare centre. The centre has committed to what it calls "zero-kill". This means that no more dogs will be euthanised. In order to comply with this new principle, ADPCA accepts dogs from there.

Until their adoption, the dogs live in the shelter and receive unlimited veterinary treatment (first aid, surgery, treatment of chronic diseases, measures against parasite infestation, vaccinations, examinations, etc.). In addition, the animals are psychologically cared for, neutered and prepared for placement.

Volunteers can work as helpers at the shelter at any time. The only requirement is that you are of age.

ADPCA conducts numerous campaigns at cultural events to raise awareness among the population. For example, the association campaigns for sterilisation, the widespread adoption of stray dogs and against the abandonment of pets.

School visits and talks on animal welfare are intended to sensitise children and young people to the importance of animal welfare. Not only audio-visual means are used for this, but the helpers also bring abandoned and rescued dogs with them.

In cooperation with local and regional authorities, the association works on drafting laws, ordinances and other regulations that strengthen animal welfare. All members of the association work voluntarily and in an honorary capacity, i.e. without remuneration. This applies to the Board of Directors (President, Vice-President, Secretariat and Committees) as well as to the members who help out exclusively on a voluntary basis. Volunteers who take care of abandoned, abused or injured dogs, bathe them, feed them and take them to the vet also volunteer. The only exceptions are the two permanent staff members who work full time at the shelter from Monday to Friday and are also available on their days off.

The association urgently needs adopters for its dogs in order to be able to help more dogs. We also need donations to fund the costly surgical procedures required to treat internal diseases and accidental injuries. The most common fractures are in the hips and legs (from car accidents or abuse). Many of our animals need such operations, which means an enormous financial burden for the association.


Unfortunately, understanding and compassion for animals is still very low in Spain, although progress is gradually being made. For this reason, we will continue to work to improve animal welfare. We would be very happy if you could make a small contribution to our work and support the many animals in need.

Here are the bank details if you would like to donate directly*:

IBAN: ES19 2085 5212 4803 3104 3750

*If you want to claim your donation at the tax office, please transfer your donation with the name of the animal shelter in the subject to the Tierschutzverein Europa. We forward your donation 1:1.