The  Tierschutzverein Europa e.V.  has set itself the task of transporting abandoned dogs, cats and other animals from various European countries and placing them in the EU.

The Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. takes care of the presentation of the animals on the website, the placement with the new families, the transport of the animals to Germany, as well as pre- and post-controls. In addition  Tierschutzverein Europa e.V.  takes care of the organisation of foster homes for special cases.

The Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. does not run any animal shelters itself, but works closely with a small selection of animal welfare organisations in European countries. These organisations and animal shelters receive from the Tierschutzverein Europa e.V.   the fee after the successful placement of the animals, which is spent on castration, chip, vaccination and laboratory examinations of further animals there. Furthermore, the Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. takes care of the publication of fundraising campaigns for the cooperating associations, for example to ensure medical care and material resources.

The Tierschutzverein Europa e.V.  has placed almost 8500 animals (as of May 2019) since its foundation in 2006, . This success is based not only on the good cooperation with various animal welfare organisations in the countries where the animals have been abandoned, but also on the good reputation of the association and, accordingly, the frequent recommendations from happy new animal owners.

In order to maintain and further develop the good reputation of the Tierschutzverein Europas e.V. some requirements are demanded from the cooperating organisations:

  • Clear identification of the animals

    The animal welfare organisations/shelters must clearly identify the animals to be placed individually with a short description of age, size, colour, breed, behaviour with other animals, as well as photos and if possible, videos. In addition, all animals to be placed must be chipped before transport.

  • Good medical care for the animals

    Animal welfare organisations/shelters must provide the best possible medical care for animals, especially in shelters where many animals are kept together and diseases can be transmitted quickly. Especially before transport, it must be ensured that the animals to be placed do not suffer from skin diseases, worms or Mediterranean diseases or that this has been clarified with the adopters. In addition, vaccinations for rabies, as well as the quintuple vaccination must be valid.

  • Castration of the animals

    The animal welfare organisations / animal shelters should have all animals to be placed, regardless of sex, neutered by a veterinarian sufficiently long before transport. Of course, neutering may be omitted if the animal is still too young or already too old for this.

  • Project-linked donations may only be used for the corresponding actions

    Fundraising campaigns organised by the Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. and linked to a project may only be used for the corresponding campaigns. For example, donations for neutering fees may not be used for the expansion of animal shelters. Likewise, donations in kind may not be resold. Therefore, the Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. expects the recipients of monetary donations to provide a copy of all invoices for what the money has been used for.

If one of the cooperating animal welfare organisations / animal shelters repeatedly fails to comply with the requirements, the cooperation with the  Tierschutzverein Europa e.V. will be terminated.

Cooperating organisations

ADA Canals

The Refugio ADA Canals is a Spanish association that has taken on a major task with a handful of active members.



The organization A.D.P.C.A. (Asociación para la Defensa y la Prevención de la Crueldad contra los Animales) is a Spanish animal welfare organisation



The animal shelter in the north-east of Spain receives the site and a financial subsidy from the city. But everything that has been built here for the dogs and the lion's share of the running costs are borne by the organisation itself...


Hogar de Asis

The animal welfare organisation "Hogar de Asís" was founded in La Carolina in 2000. At that time, there were many abandoned dogs here that were caught with a noose and killed in the municipal kennel according to the ten-day rule...


Perros con Alma

Perros con Alma is an animal welfare organisation in Zaragoza for "soul dogs"! erros con Alma has been in existence since 2007, making it the longest-running project of the Tierschutzverein Europa


Perrunas en calma

The small association in Zaragoza is made up of volunteers who have spent half their lives helping abandoned dogs...


Animal shelter Odai

The animal shelter is located on the premises of the city police, on the outskirts, in the north of Bucharest. About 800 dogs are kept in kennels in groups of about 4-5 dogs...



Adoromimos is a non-profit animal welfare organization in Mafra, northwest of Lisbon. The association has been helping stray dogs and cats since 2013 and gives them a loving home.



The Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Villena is a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of life of animals. Our partner animal shelter is located approx. 30 minutes from Alicante. The phone is switched on 24 hours a day to save lives ...



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