Perros con Alma

Perros con Alma is an animal welfare association in Zaragoza for soul dogs! Perros con Alma has existed since 2007, making it the longest-running project of the Tierschutzverein Europa. The courageous lone fighter Julieta is not only a fellow animal welfare activist, but by now also a dear friend.

Julieta is particularly concerned about the poorest of the poor dogs. Dogs that require intensive care and are more difficult to place due to their age, appearance or illness. She is happy to lend a helping hand to these little souls without a chance. Where other animal welfare organisations look the other way, Julieta gives dignity and hope back to the dogs!

The small but fine team consists of Carmen, affectionately called "Mamen". She is a foster home for bottle-fed babies/puppies and operated dogs. Sabina and Nadia, who are regularly present in the beautiful placement photos, and Julio a dedicated vet. Furthermore, active members regularly travel to Zaragoza to meet the dogs in placement or to join forces to create better living conditions for the shelter dogs.
We would like to introduce you to some serious animal welfare cases of the past 11 years, which "Perros con Alma" was able to master with the greatest effort, many tears and warmth of heart

It all started in 2007 with an animal-hoarding case in which 120 dogs were found in the worst conditions. A small shelter was provisionally built for these completely neglected dogs. From 2008 onwards, with the help of the Tierschutzverein Europa for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, all 120 dogs were able to find a good home.

In 2012, another gruesome find: 25 dogs discovered in a scrap yard under the most inhumane conditions, more dead than alive. One of them was Telmo, who has even found fame in a book today.

In 2015, there was a major rescue of 25 dogs from the Talavera de la Reina killing centre. Puppies, older animals, big dogs, small dogs, each of them wanted to live. So it happened that Julieta couldn't help herself and reserved them all. In friendly cooperation, where you can rely on each other, these doomed dogs could also be placed in a nice home.

In the summer of 2015, the help for the dogs began on a site in La Almunia which served as a "reception centre" for four-legged friends who were no longer wanted. When Julieta and Sabina stepped onto this piece of land for the first time, they saw a sight of horror! The ground was full of mud, dirt and rubbish, the fence was amateurishly raised, and risks of injury to dogs lurked everywhere.

There was no shelter at all, quiet, safe places to sleep were non-existent, there was neither food nor clean water. Due to the overcrowding of dogs, there were often fights and many people were injured. The Dog's Hell on Earth.......

In the meantime, almost all of the 168 dogs that were on this site have been nursed back to health and placed in good hands. There are still four dogs there for adoption. However, with the help of the organisation Perros con Alma, the area was made dog-friendly, which means that dangerous spots were removed. There are enough huts there, and thanks to donations, regular food and drinking water.

2016, the calm was not to last long. On a finca, 66 surviving dogs urgently needed help! This finca belonged to a woman called Suzanna and it was used as a kind of animal shelter. Unfortunately, all the work and the high costs went over the woman's head. As a result, and due to hunger or thirst, many neglected dogs died and were later found. The state of health of these poor souls was frightening, like that of Goofi, for example.

There were many large and old dogs, all of which were rescued and placed in record time thanks to a huge outpouring of compassion and offers of help! Most of them were able to come to Germany and be placed via the Europa Animal Welfare Association and associations that are friends of theirs.

March 2017: Another animal-hoarding case put the small association "Perros con Alma " to the test: 44 dogs were found practically on the street on the edge of a village in a compound. 21 adult dogs and 23 puppies. Almost all of them were sick, emaciated and without fur, the fleas literally ate the bodies of the little puppies. Without exception, all of them were taken away and brought to safety in the "Plaza del Tore" for the time being. With a lot of creativity and energy, Julieta and her team set up small, cosy beds, provided species-appropriate food and plenty of fresh water.

Medical care for the little "gems" was a matter of course for Julieta, but it was costly. All 44 treasures could be placed with loving people in record speed with the help of the Animal Welfare Association of Europe.

"Perros con Alma" does not deny help to any living being, no matter what race, size or age. The small organisation takes in dogs from the killing centres in Movera and Huesca, neuters street dogs and offers them protection.
For Perros con Alma there are no limits! Julieta is a guardian angel on earth for ALL abandoned dog souls.

Often the dogs arrive at the shelter with great fears, older dogs usually have a sad past behind them. They know life in a killing centre and have had the smell of death in their nostrils. The aim is to give these creatures back their dignity and to find people for them in whose hearts they can leave their mark.
In order to come closer to this heartfelt wish and goal, we are urgently dependent on your generosity and donations

Many thanks on behalf of our four-legged friends, Julieta and the animal team.

Here are the bank details if you would like to donate directly*:

Asociacion Perros con Alma
IBAN: ES73 2085 5302 0503 3062 1151

*If you want to claim your donation at the tax office, please transfer your donation with the name of the animal shelter in the subject to the Tierschutzverein Europa. We forward your donation 1:1.