Donation of money and donation wall

Financial donations and donation wall

Dear animal lovers,

with your membership fees and donations we finance all the animal welfare work of the organisation. The daily costs of caring for the animals are very high. In addition, there are always special emergencies and exceptional situations in animal welfare, such as severely injured or sick dogs, seizures where a large number of animals have to be accommodated at once, or natural catastrophes that make external accommodation and costly repair work necessary. We help our cooperation partners with regular donations and in special emergencies. Your donations and membership fees also help us to bring dogs that have a hard time finding a home directly to Germany, to finance boarding places for some of them and to cover the often high veterinary costs.

Tierschutzverein Europa e. V.
Mainzer Volksbank e.G.
IBAN: DE 25 5519 0000 0795 0390 15

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You can donate without earmarking, then we use your financial help to support our partners where it is most urgently needed. Of course, you can also donate directly to a specific animal shelter through us. If you put the name of the shelter as the subject, we will forward the donations 1:1. For project-related donations, please indicate the subject mentioned in the appeal.

All your donations will benefit the animals. We all work on a voluntary and unpaid basis. TSV Europa is a registered organisation in Germany and recognised as a non-profit organisation. Therefore it is possible to claim donations as special expenses at the responsible tax office. For donations over EUR 200 you will receive a donation receipt. All we need is your address so that we can send it to you. For donations up to and including EUR 200, the simplified donation receipt, for example the presentation of the bank statement, is sufficient.

All amounts of EUR 50 or more are listed on the donation wall. If an entry is missing, please let us know immediately so that we can make up for the omission. Contact person for the donation wall is Bianca Korus.