Perrunas en calma


We are a newly founded animal welfare association in Zaragoza (Spain).
It is made up of volunteers who have spent half their lives helping abandoned dogs.
We call ourselves "Perrunas En Calma" because each of us, as we always say, has this gene D (from dog) in us, and when you have it, there is no turning back. You just have to help these dogs and we do it calmly, without urgency and correctly, because the dogs also need their time. We use dog language, "gestures and postures that radiate calm", to understand them better and for them to understand us.
We have decided to continue to devote all our free time to this voluntary task.

Despite the difficulties and hardship, it makes us happy to make the world we live in a little better. When we look into the eyes of the animals we rescue, far too often we see fear, pain and suffering, but we also know that with care and lots of love, through tenderness they never knew, we manage to help them to show their real character again.
These beings who actually only want to be happy with you, who enrich our lives and whom we like so much.

Spain, the country where we were born, is unfortunately one of the European countries where most dogs are abandoned and where mistreatment of animals is unfortunately common.
We all have a special affection for these animals that are so loyal to us, that give us everything. We cannot look away while there is so much suffering among them. For these reasons, we want to contribute a little to creating a world without this abandonment of animals.
There is still a long way to go ... above all a question of education.

In our country, some legal changes are overdue that punish the abuse and abandonment of animals more severely and that help us to live better with our pets.
Most places, shops, restaurants, hotels, beaches, public transport, etc are off limits for dogs. We know that there are countries where everyday life with pets is much easier and where dogs are allowed to accompany their owners almost everywhere. We have resolved to do everything in our power to achieve that here as well.


Our main goal is to take in defenceless, abandoned and abused dogs and help them recover physically and mentally, then find them a real home where they will be cared for and loved. A home they never had.


We aspire to be an exemplary association with good management.
We would like to work with other European animal welfare organisations that help us in our mission. We want to constantly try to improve our work in order to secure a good future for as many of our defenceless animals as possible. We truly believe that these animals accompany us through life and enrich it. That is why we need to create a better world for them. The animals have no possibility to complain or fight for their rights, their dignity and their needs.
They have no voice and that is why we speak for them.


Only with combined forces, illusion, energy and time can we achieve our goals.

Transparency - We are a non-profit association financed solely by donations. We are committed to absolute transparency in everything we do.

Motivation - Our love of animals is the reason we have all signed a code of conduct that is now an important part of our lives.

Positive action.- Just as we would like to see dogs treated with respect, patience and understanding, we should also act with the dogs to avoid more trauma, stress and frustration that many of these dogs suffer, and strive to make the animals feel secure, loved and accepted.

Here are the bank details if you would like to donate directly*:

IBAN: ES13 3080 0065 1124 1495 0614

*If you want to claim your donation at the tax office, please transfer your donation with the name of the animal shelter in the subject to the Tierschutzverein Europa. We forward your donation 1:1.