Dogs and cats in distress

Since 2006, the members of the Tierschutzverein Europa eV have been committed to helping suffering animals and spreading the idea of animal protection. The whole team works exclusively on a voluntary basis, so that all donations go entirely to the animals. 

Our values in animal welfare work are loyalty, fairness, reliability, trust, transparency, cohesion and very important: honesty. We work in partnership and democratically. We work in partnership and democratically.


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Partner shelters in Spain and Romania

Our cooperation with animal rights activists in other European countries is very close, trusting and friendly. Through regular visits we know each other personally and consider ourselves an international team working together to ensure that animals are treated with respect and respect.

With our help, our partner shelters in Spain and Romania save the lives of many animals. They buy dogs free from killing stations, take care of street dogs and, if possible, everyday training is carried out for better placement, they look after feeding stations for street cats, carry out castration campaigns and spread the idea of animal protection locally through education. In Germany we help with dog mediation and also offer mediation help for dogs from other clubs. And we create awareness to collect donations for our cooperation partners and to find animal sponsorships.


Our goal

Help suffering animals. spread animal welfare ideas.

The Tierschutzverein Europa eV has set itself the task of transporting abandoned dogs, cats and other animals from various European countries and relocating them to the EU.
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