Dankeschön für Sachspenden von Julieta

Auch bei Julieta sind eure Sachspenden vom letzten Transport eingetroffen. Sie schickt ein riesiges Dankeschön! Hier ist ihre Nachricht:

Once again I want to thank everyone who will make it possible for our dogs to have high quality and “extra” food.
And I want to mention also all the helpers who with their calls for help manage to fill the truck with things that are very necessary for our dogs. Once again to Pablo and the team .. They do hundreds of km to bring us the truck of hope ..
Thanks again.

Goy I have also received money that I could not imagine would arrive .. thank you a thousand times. It was very unexpected and it comes at a good time, you know that in my “pack” I always have sick dogs and they are waiting for surgeries. “
I just want you to know that I feel very loved by the entire TSV team, that feeling that I perceive gives strength to keep going.



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